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Join Us in Empowering Black Women in Blockchain

Your donation will help Black girls succeed in the blockchain industry and create a more inclusive and equitable tech world.

Black women are underrepresented in the blockchain industry, but they are also some of the most passionate and innovative leaders in this space.


We are on a mission to break down barriers and empower young women to venture into the promising blockchain/web3 field. Our goal with the BlockX2 (our training and mentorship program) is to create a diverse and dynamic community of young women, equipped with the skills and confidence to explore five potential career paths in blockchain: entrepreneurs, technologists or developers, regulators or lawyers, investors or venture capitalists, and influencers. Our mentees are paired with experienced professionals who can provide them with career advice, networking opportunities, and access to resources.


With your support, through your generous donations, we can help Black girls overcome the barriers they face and achieve their full potential in the blockchain industry.

Your generous donations can help us make a real difference in the lives of Black girls and the tech industry as a whole.

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Hi BWINB family, here are some highlights from past programs that your donations help create.

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During the summer we facilitate biweekly, two hour, educational sessions at local centers to educate young girls about tech.  The girls (ages 6 to 16 years) get to meet various women in tech, learn about their professions and dive into hands on activities, like coding, building a rocket, cybersecurity or cryptography.  Your donations allow us to support this program and provide the kids food and refreshments.

In March, some lucky college students participated in our fellowship program and were able to attend a 3-day Web3 and Metaverse conference in Washington, DC.  Your generous donations allowed BWINB to pay for the students' conference access and accommodations (hotel and travel).  

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2022, we had the wonderful opportunity to onboard middle school students from Saginaw, Michigan onto the Solana blockchain.  The kids at the Dow Treasure Academy had an opportunity to participate in a 2 month summer program focused on understanding blockchain, NFT and crypto.  The kids, ages 12-15 years, created their own NFTs and minted them on Holaplex, the Solana Marketplace.  The students were also provided with some Sol (Solana cryptocurrency) to help them on their crypto journey.

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