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Your Contribution Matters

Your donation will directly support our training and mentorship programs, help us provide networking opportunities, and ensure that Black women have access to resources they need to thrive in the blockchain industry.

Click on any one of our donate button to make donations in dollars or crypto.

All Hands In

Time Commitment Matters


Join us as a volunteer! We're always looking for enthusiastic individuals who can support us in various capacities - from mentoring to event planning, fundraising to social media management. No contribution is too small to make a big impact!

To volunteer simply fill out the form under contact us or search for open positions here.

Modern Learning


Share your knowledge

Share your knowledge and experience by becoming a mentor. Your insights could be pivotal in shaping the future of Black women and girls in the blockchain industry.

Fill out the contact us  form to be a mentor to our young girls and women.


Collective Partnerships

Partner with us to drive change. Corporate partnerships help us amplify our impact and reach more women. Let's work together to shape a more inclusive future in blockchain.

Fill out the contact us  form if you are interested in being a corporate sponsor.

Business People Mingling


Connect with the community

Join us at our upcoming events. Learn from experts, network with like-minded individuals and contribute to the dialogue on diversity in blockchain.

Fill out the contact us  form if you want more information about our upcoming events or to host an event with us.

Group therapy


Spread the word

Become an advocate for Black Women In Blockchain. Follow us on social media, share our mission with your network, and help us raise awareness about the need for diversity and inclusion in blockchain.

Fill out the contact us  form if you want to be an advocate.

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