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Collaborating at Work

BWINB Programs

 STEM Education Program

Tech is creating many opportunities, however for women there are disparities.  A recent report published by National Science Foundation shows that only 3.1% of Black women are represented in the U.S. STEM workforce.  The total spending in the tech industry is over $4.7 Trillion in 2023, so far.

Is is estimated that worldwide spending in the blockchain space is will grow to $19 billion by 2024 and AI spending is expected to reach $154 billion.

Black women, who represents less than 0.001% of blockchain developers, and 2.4% in AI/Machine Learning, have an opportunity to tap into this growing space.


The goal of our program is to bring more black women, globally, into the Blockchain, AI and Emerging Tech space.

For black women wealth disparity has always been an issue from the office to starting their own business.  This program aims to mentor black women in obtaining resources to help them find jobs.

Wealth Inclusion Program
Modern Creative Office
BWB Incubator Program

This program focuses on helping Black women take their ideas or projects and build them on blockchain protocols or incorporate emerging tech like AI.

The incubation program supports and develop solution-turn-to-Start Up in growing their business, strengthening their commercial viability and increasing their competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

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